The Engage Me Matrix
"Love the ideas... It’s a great
guidefor opening and closing
The S.P.A.R.K. Template
"Honestly one of the best guides
in terms of strategically organizing
my thoughts.”
The Personal Brand Map
“It is not always easy thinking about strengths and weaknesses... This was the perfect way to brainstorm the topic.”


Brighter Tomorrows • Change leadership and communication
• Why change fails
• Increase your "change-agility"
Brighter Thoughts • Stop self-sabotaging yourself today
• Attitudes for success

Brighter Presentations • Master the four types of presentations
• Engage your audience
• Deliver with energy and authenticity

Brighter Meetings • Eight proven engagement techniques
• Avoid the four sins of meetings
• Conference calls - four steps to success

Brighter Connections • Building better business relationships with S.P.A.R.K.
• Eight lessons for successful connections

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