New Year, new shelves for SHINE!

Written by Gerry Lewis

SHINE was written with a key purpose in mind: to help people discover their best voice in a practical, useable way. How do I know it’s useable and practical? I lived these lessons and principles. Some I was lucky enough to learn from mentors, while others, I had to learn the hard way. Every lesson I learned about communicating, building relationships, presenting with confidence and helping people through change – I put into SHINE. SHINE has been my living path you could say.

SHINE’s path is continuing to evolve, and we are pleased to announce that SHINE is now available at Indigo stores and online, Hudson News and Barnes & Noble. And as always, SHINE is available in paperback and e-book format through Amazon.

Whether you bought the book, attended a SHINE workshop, or even just downloaded an excerpt, we thank you for your continued support on this wonderful journey. A journey to discover our authentic and best voice!