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Cats in Hats book

"I think cats have such great personalities that with the addition of hats on them, it would create an even higher level of cuteness that no other pet could achieve."

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Ringly Smart Ring

"When I’m out and about I’m usually holding a million things, my phone being one. I think it would be nice to have a cute ring tell me when to check my phone for new messages."

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SONOS Home Speaker

"These speakers connect through Wi-Fi, so the music won’t drop if you get a call or step out of range, the way it oftentimes does with Bluetooth speakers."

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"I want a Ukulele because I believe music has the power to inspire, excite, share love, dream and take you on a fantasy adventure. We are not the same after some melodies."

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Apple AirPods

"It doesn't get much better than the experience of using accessories designed to work with the devices we enjoy. I can't wait to try my AirPods!"

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Apple MacBook Pro

"I’m looking for a new laptop, one that will last and where I can get assistance with anything, anywhere and at any time. I have always been impressed by the capabilities of the MacBook Pro and it will make everything I do on the computer much easier."