Here’s Looking At You

Guest blog post by: Wayne Smith and Ross Slater from Reach Capabilities Inc.

There’s no end to self-development methodologies based on how to lead better, accept change better, argue better, get along better, or just be better. But none of this is sustainable unless we start with a dose of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is where this essence of who you—your strengths as part of your personal brand— are uncovered. At Reach Capabilities Inc., we use a three-step methodology that always begins with this critical self-awareness step. After conducting hundreds of workshops with many thousands of people, we’ve witnessed the difference it makes for individuals, their relationships, their team, and ultimately, their careers and the success of their organizations.

Step 1: Self-awareness—Here’s looking at you
Sure, you can get everyone to sit in a room and play better together—for the day. But none of it is sustainable unless you start with the individual. Using various techniques, including assessment tools like the Kolbe Index, DISC, and the Gallup StrengthsFinder, people recognize and are able to articulate what they are good at doing (and what they should not be doing). After years of feeling stuck, now they stand out.

Step 2: Mutual Understanding—Here’s working with my partners
Greater self-awareness leads to mutual understanding between others. Individual team members know what juices them, what motivates them, what makes them excited. They discover how others differ and the power of their sharing talents. Individuals no longer have to do everything themselves or compensate for perceived weaknesses. Potential conflict is reduced, collaboration increases.

Step 3: Team Effectiveness—Here’s succeeding as a team It is the diversity of collective talent—understood and pointed in the right direction—that makes an organization successful. Instead of feeling like the fifth wheel in the group, every team member appreciates the collective talent. Recognition of each other’s skills leads to respect; together we achieve a better business result.

Why does Reach Capabilities do what we do?
We are capability cultivators. We’re don’t “mend” people or “make teams better.” We start with what makes individuals tick, what makes them so effective, and then find ways of harnessing that energy. When this happens, inner confidence rises, energy rises, sense of value rises, and therefore, impact rises. Greater understanding and confidence creates collaborative partnerships, which leads to more effective teams.

It’s all about putting "reach" back into someone’s life instead of a limitation on what individuals—and those partnering with them—are able to achieve.

And it all starts with looking at you.